Farmers Post

Where Savvy Farmers Come to Buy & Sell Farms - Direct Farmer to Farmer - no middlemen required!

What is Farmers Post?

Farmers Post is a non-traditional online auction site for high value farm-related assets such as farm yards, cultivated or pasture lands, and large equipment. Farmers Post connects buyers directly with sellers, presenting an alternative approach to using the traditional real estate agents, auctioneers, and other costly middlemen. Farmers Post is strictly online-only bidding and typically bidding remains open for several days to ensure both buyers and sellers get the best deal without the unpleasant overhead & pressures of a traditional auction.

Farmers Deserve an Alternative

Low, Flat Fee Listing

No commissions or any hidden fees, potentially save tens of thousands $$$

Bring Relevant Buyers

Invite any friends & neighbors to bid on your auction, and advertise where you want.

Freedom to Decide

You sell it your way - you decide listing terms, who to sell to and when (if at all).

Free Bidding

That's right -- free to place bids on properties you really want.

Privacy of Bids

Avoid the awkwardness of openly competing against your neighbors in bidding.

Freedom to Go Direct

No middleman required -- bid and negotiate terms directly with the seller.

How did Farmers Post sprout?

Farmers Post is a Western Canadian prairie business created FOR farmers & as envisioned BY farmers. Farmers Post's founders were farmers looking to retire, and as too common today, have no family member keen to carry on the family farming tradition. With the average Canadian farm operator being over 55 years old, and average farming family consisting of only 1 or 2 people per household, this once rare trend of farm sales to non-family members is becoming the new "norm". After watching neighboring farmers retire and attempt to smoothly exit the business, it was clear that after a life-time of being in control of their farming operations for the first time farmers were at the mercy of someone other than 'Mother Nature' -- Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers! Farmers are savvy business people, working countless hours to optimize output on as little inputs as possible, so why wouldn't you prefer to optimize the sale/purchase decision? Now Farmers Post is the optimal NEW alternative!

Why Do Sellers Use Farmers Post?

You worked too hard farming all those years just to hand over a significant chunk of cash (and control) to real estate agents, auctioneers, and other unnecessary middlemen. Listing with Farmers Post allows you to reach out to potential buyers directly at a low flat fee and ultimately to handle your sales process your way.

You, as the seller, decide the starting price, when to start and end the bidding, and who you want to sell to! You are free to cross-list your assets on any other website, newspaper, or even involve middlemen (if you really want a real estate agent or auctioneer go for it, just be sure to let them know you're also listed with Farmers Post as they will probably make you remove your listing on Farmers Post -- which Farmers Post lets you do at NO extra cost). Again, all you pay is an initial flat listing fee per item and you can change or delete the whole listing or listing details at any time at NO extra charge. What's even better is you are under no obligation to sell to the highest bidder, or any bidder, if an acceptable agreement cannot be reached. Farmers Post sends you the name & contact information for each bidder on your listings and its up to you to directly negotiate with your choice of bidders.

Why Do Buyers Use Farmers Post?

First off, bidding is free! Most online auctions charge fees per item you bid on or even per bid. As a buyer, you don't want to find out too late about a great deal you missed out on -- instead find the ideal property on Farmers Post and get it for a reasonable price without using middlemen. Remember that while the seller in real estate transactions pays the full commissions, you can be sure that you, as the buyer, are indirectly footing part of the bill.